Wedding Process

As Catholic Christians we believe that God does more than bless the marriage. It is God who calls a man and a woman to each other in marriage. It is God, therefore, who makes the first move. He shares with us His love and life. It is because of God’s unbounded love for us that we learn to share this love with one another. God calls couples to a special love for each other and they share this love in lasting fidelity. We call this special union of love Marriage.

We believe that Marriage is much more than a legal contract between a man and a woman. It entails more than rights and obligations; promises and commitments. Marriage is a sacrament. This means that God is made real and visible through marriage. The union of marriage reflects Christ and the People of God, the Church. The love that Christ shares with all of us is thus reflected in and made visible through the union of husband and wife.

Our goal in offering preparation for marriage is to do whatever we can to help the engaged couple realize a wonderful, grace-filled and loving marriage, which will endure no mater what the future brings. This is a tall order! But it is an essential one not only for the couple seeking to celebrate the sacrament of marriage, but also for the whole church community.

All the guidelines and policies found within this booklet have been carefully developed to better ensure a truly beautiful and grace-filled wedding, and even more important, a blessed and happy marriage.


Marriage Preparation Process

Because preparation for a lifetime commitment in marriage is so important, the Diocese of San Bernardino asks couples to complete a marriage preparation program. The following steps must be taken:

  1. Obtain your Baptism Certificate, First Communion Certificate, and Confirmation Certificate. The Baptism Certificate does have to be dated in the past six months. Please get in touch with your baptismal church for an updated Baptism Certificate. The wedding date will NOT be scheduled without a current copy of your Baptismal Certificate.
  2. Once having these certificates in hand please call our Front Office (760)244-9180 to schedule an appointment with the priest to have a Pre-Cana interview. 
  3. After the couple meets with the priest the priest will meet with a witness from each party. 
  4. A marriage prep class does have to be taken by the couple.
  5. Once these 4 steps are completed you will be able to pick out a wedding date. Please note we do not give out wedding dates more than 8 months before.
    1. Payment of a $100 deposit should be given the day you pick out your date. The remaining balance will be due a month before the wedding date. We recommend making monthly payments to ease the financial hardships. 

Click on this link for a preparation guide.

Preparation Guide for a Wedding at Holy Family