Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Ministry

This invitation does not come directly from us but from God Himself...In Rev. 3:20, He says to us “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will enter…” and in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, humble themselves and pray, and seek my presence…I will hear them…and pardon their sins and revive their land.”  Can you imagine that “Revive their land”….and because it is God who is speaking to us, we can claim His promise.

We are truly blessed to have a 12-hour Adoration on the first Friday of the month. In order to continue and accomplish this, we need a minimum of three people to stay with Our Lord for one hour.  He cannot be left alone.  GOD is inviting you to come and be with Him.  Will you accept His invitation and sign up for one hour?  Let us come and Reverence Him and please Him, and like Lazarus said, “let us allow Him to awaken us”. Let us say YES LORD, YES LORD.  Speak to me your servant is listening.   For more information contact: Looking for a ministry head. contact the parish office.  


Altar Servers

Trains and encourages children from age 10+ (and adults) to serve at all of the weekend Masses including the Spanish, Youth Mass, and special liturgical celebrations. The children are formed into teams, each team having a team captain who is responsible for assisting the younger members in their training, assigning stations for each server, and leading by example. Servers also participate in Mass during Christmas and Easter Triduum. Through this ministry, altar servers become a vital part of our Eucharistic celebration. For more information contact: Monaguillos: Magdalena Torres 760-980-5340  

Altar Servers: contact the parish office


Baptism – Spanish (Bautizos)

En el sacramento de Bautismo, Dios muestra su amor.  Mediante este sacramento, sus niños pasarán, de manera especial, a ser parte de la familia de la Iglesia.  En la preparación, ofrecida a ustedes por la comunidad parroquial, ha sido escrita para ayudarles a pensar sobre el importante paso que están tomando al hacer bautizar a su hijo/a.  También tiene por objeto ayudarles a reflexionar sobre el maravilloso amor que Dios quiere compartir con ustedes y con su hijo/a.  Esperamos que disfruten las ideas y el compartir y, sobre todo, esperamos que ustedes conozcan más profundamente como Dios los ama. Para más información comuníquese con: Oficina de Formacion de Fe



The English Baptism team explains the ritual of the Sacrament of Baptism and the role of the Christian parents and godparents.  The baptismal preparation is the second Saturday of the month (except during Lent). The very fact that you have asked to have your baby baptized shows that you recognize the importance of God in your life.  The Church recognizes the desire of Christian parents to share the life of Christ with their children.  Jesus Christ, like you, wants the best for your child.  Your child’s baptism is only the beginning of a new life in which you will grow closer to one another in the family and closer to God.  The Church welcomes your child into its midst with love and prayers for the future peace and happiness of your family in the years ahead. For more information contact: the Faith Formation Office



Bereavement Ministry is a ministry that helps families of the deceased in the preparation of their loved one’s funeral mass.  It tries to alleviate stress from the family by taking care of the liturgy preparation and funeral reception so that they are able to take care of other necessities.

We help the family of the deceased with mass services by asking family members if they would like to participate in the readings, taking of the gifts to the altar, and placing the pall on the casket which is a blessed cloth placed on the casket after the casket is sprinkled with holy water.  If the family members are not in any condition to do so, the bereavement ministry would be responsible for assigning these roles.

We offer the family of the deceased a reception in the hall if they wish. If the family member belongs to a ministry, we call those ministries to bring food. If they don’t, the family has to supply the food. We supply coffee, tea, lemonade, paper plates, napkins, plastic ware, and cups.  We have platters, bowls, trays, and containers to keep food warm or cold. All of these are set out just before the family guests arrive.

We have a staff that helps with setting up, preparing, and clean up. We offer this service so that the family does not have to worry about it. We do not charge for this, but a donation is greatly appreciated to help pay for the supplies used.

The Bereavement Committee is made up of volunteer staff usually people that have gone through the same things. We do need people to help set the tables and chairs and put them away as the majority of us are too old to do this.   For more information contact: Evangelina Aguilera 760-244-0316


Catholic Daughters of the Americas –Court Mary Mother of Grace #2302

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas is one of the oldest and largest organizations of Catholic women in the Americas.  They donate to charities, administer scholarship programs and strive “to be helping hands where there is pain, poverty, sorrow or sickness.”  The CDA motto is “Unity and Charity.”  The CDA has formed over 100 years ago.  Catholic Daughter women enjoy each other’s company at meetings and work hard for their parishes and communities.  Deeply spiritual, together they share faith, love of God and a distinctly feminine spirituality alluded to by Pope John Paul II when he spoke of the necessity of “feminine genius” in today’s world.  The program includes concerns of today’s church and society as well as issues that affect the well-being of women and children.  For more information contact: The office

Catholic Men's Fellowship

A great opportunity for the men of the Holy Family to meet, hear and discuss the word of the Lord. To have an open discussion and pray together. Please come and join us. The ministry is headed by Chris Cholewiak. Feel free to contact him for more information at 760-646-3982

The ministry gathers: Saturday Mornings at 8:00 am room 6


Columbian Squires

In addition to the regular councils of the Knights of Columbus, the Knights sponsor college councils that enlist the enthusiasm of college and university students in Catholic devotions and service projects to their local communities. The college councils train the young men to be leaders of tomorrow, and many of the current leaders in the Knights of Columbus come from the college council ranks.  For more information contact the office


Confirmation (Youth/Adult)

Students are prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Candidates are invited to deepen their personal faith commitment by building on their family-lived experiences and that of the church community.  They are encouraged to recognize their individual gifts, with the hope that they will develop them to the benefit of the entire Body of Christ, as they continue on their path to holiness, beyond the day that they are sealed with the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Students attending come together in the community for service projects, social activities, and retreats, as well as the actual Rite of Confirmation Mass. For more information contact: the Faith Formation Office

Confirmación de Adultos

Este programa es para los adultos 21 años y más quiénes no han recibido el sacramento de la confirmación y/o de la Eucaristía.  Esto se ofrece en inglés y en español. Atenderán a las clases donde obtendrán conocimiento de la creencia Católica y una identificación con Jesucristo y la Iglesia. Las lecciones se enfocan en vocaciones, Escritura, los sacramentos, el año litúrgico, y las oraciones y las prácticas tradicionales. Asistirán a un Retiro de un día con su Padrino/Madrina y serán preparados para recibir el sacramento de la Confirmación por nuestro Obispo en el fin de semana del Domingo de Pentecostés.  Si es necesario recibirán el sacramento de la Santa Comunión en una Misa Dominical antes del fin de semana de Pentecostés. El programa es dirigido por las Hermanas Evangelizadoras de los Pobres.  Para más información comuníquese con: Para más información comuníquese con Mercedes Sandoval (760) 244-5423 o Claudia Hnasko (442) 251-9374  



Counters/Mailers consist of members of the parish who volunteer their time to record the parish weekly collections and put together bulk mailing materials on an as-needed basis.  For more information contact: The Ministry Office


Cursillo de Cristiandad

El Cursillo es un movimiento en el cual, con su propio método, intenta y con la gracia de Dios, permite que las esenciales realidades de la vida cristiana venir a la vida en la unidad, la originalidad, y la creatividad de cada persona.  Nuestro propósito es vivir en la amistad de Dios.  Nuestra manera de evangelización está a través de amistad, reunión de grupo, y el Cursillo.  Nos centramos en Jesucristo, Salvador y Señor.  Las noches de escuela son cada jueves a las 7:30 p.m. en el Edificio Padre Porro.  Para más información comuníquese con Enrique y Raquel Avelar (760) 885-8293.

Cursillo is a movement that, through a method of its own, tries to and through God’s grace manages to enable the essential realities of Christina life to come to life in the uniqueness, originality, and creativity of each person. Our purpose is to live in God’s friendship. Our way of evangelization is through friendship, group reunion, and the Cursillo.  We focus on Jesus Christ, Savior, and Lord. For more information contact:  Enrique Avelar (760) 885-8293


Data Entry

Data Entry is a clerical volunteer ministry.  Its purpose is to help the Administration Office in posting parishioners’ donations to their accounts.  Members also make sure that supplemental and other special collection envelopes are in every pew before the weekend.  For more information contact: Christine Marciel (760) 244-9180


Divine Mercy Ministry

Jesus told Saint Faustina: “I desire that the first Sunday after Easter be the Feast of Mercy.  I desire that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and shelter for all souls, and especially for poor sinners.  On that day, the very depths of My tender Mercy are open.  I pour out a whole ocean of graces upon those souls who approach the fount of My Mercy.  The soul that will go to confession and receive Holy Communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment.  On that day all the divine floodgates through which grace flow are opened.  Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet.  Please join us in this very special celebration as we gather in prayer to extol the Mercy of God and receive His abundant graces and blessings.  For more information contact: Maria Jost (760) 949-3516.


Encuentro Matrimonial

El fin de semana de Encuentro Matrimonial es una experiencia positiva y personal que ofrece a las parejas casadas una oportunidad para aprender una técnica de comunicación amorosa que pueden usar por el resto de sus vidas. Es una oportunidad para mirar profundamente dentro de la relación de cada uno con el otro y con Dios. Es un tiempo para compartir sus sentimientos, esperanzas y sueños con el otro.                                   

El énfasis del fin de semana de Encuentro Matrimonial es sobre la comunicación entre esposos y esposas. El fin de semana proporciona un ambiente conductivo para que los integrantes de las parejas pasen el tiempo junto, lejos de las distracciones y tensiones de la vida cotidiana, mientras los alienta a concentrarse en el otro y en su relación.  Es un enfoque único dirigido a revitalizar el Matrimonio. Es un tiempo para que usted y su cónyuge estén solos juntos, para redescubrirse mutuamente y juntos concentrarse en su relación por un fin de semana completo. ¡Todo matrimonio merece esa clase de atención!

Las noches de comunidad son cada jueves a las 7:30 p.m. en el porro.  Para más información comuníquese con:  Marcelino ♥ Elitania Contreras (909) 449-0791


Environment Committee

The Environment Committee makes sure that the environment decorations of the church correspond with the liturgical season.  They also prepare the church environment for special liturgies or events.  They purchase supplies and materials to set up the environment of the church.  For more information contact: The Ministry Office 760-244-9180


Eucharistic Sick & Elderly

Our ministry visits the sick and frail elderly and isolated and desperate parishioners.  They are given spiritual sustenance, companionship, warmth, and a sense of participation and purpose.  Eucharistic Ministers who volunteer for such visitation would bring the communion host to these parishioners.  For more information contact Ministry Office


Eucharistic Ministers - English

Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion serve Christ who is present in the assembly by distributing His Body and Blood to each communicant of the Mass. They act as sacristans after the mass by cleaning the sacred vessels and setting up for the following Mass.  For more information contact:  (760) 964-1985; Mary Rivera (8 a.m. Sunday Mass) - (760) 949-1040; Juana Montanez  (12 p.m. Sunday Mass) - (909) 519-0451


Eucharist Ministers- Spanish

Los Ministros de la Eucaristía sirven a Cristo que está presente en la asamblea distribuyendo Su Cuerpo y Su Sangre a cada comulgante de la misa. Actúan como sacristanes después de la misa limpiando los recipientes sagrados y preparando la misa siguiente.  También llevan la comunión a los enfermos y personas que cuidan enfermos en las casas y a los acilos. Para más información y la formación comuníquese con:  The Ministry Office 760-244-9180


Faith Formation Program/Programa Formación de Fe)

This faith formation program- the syllabus focuses on the students, catechists, the families, and the Church community. Groups of divided according to age groups/grades. This program treats all with equality and love and teaches the children to come to learn, love and live their faith as Christ Jesus did. Volunteers are always welcomed and needed. Please contact Claudia Hnasko for more information at (442) 251-9374.

El Programa Elemental de Formación -El plan de estudios se enfoca en estudiantes, catequistas, las familias, y la comunidad de la Iglesia. También se enseñan como filamentos separados en cada grado. Este acercamiento equilibrado asegura de que los niños vendrán a aprender, amar, y a vivir la rica herencia de la fe que somos orgullosos profesar en Cristo Jesús. 

 Siempre ocupamos catequistas y ayudantes. Para más información comuníquese con Mercedes Sandoval (760) 244-5423 o Claudia Hnasko (442) 251-9374   


Familias para Cristo

Este ministerio de oración familiar se reúne cada semana, los viernes a las 7:00 p.m. en el Edificio Padre Porro para orar y alabar a Dios.  Se hacen reflexiones bíblicas, meditaciones y testimonios a nivel familiar.  Para más información comuníquese con: Robert Becerril 909-749-0186


Filipino Ministry

We, the Filipino Faithful of Holy Family Catholic Church of Hesperia within the Diocese of San Bernardino; sharing equal dignity with the larger Church community and are called to be one body, unite with our Priests and Bishops in a worshiping, serving, and evangelizing through our Filipino Ministry. As proactive members of our parish communities, we pledge to use our gifts and talents for the pursuit of justice, peace, the integrity of creation, and Christina Unity.

 For more information contact: Herminia Rogovin 714-270-1181


Finance Council

The Finance Council advises our pastor in financial matters as they affect our parish. They are made up of appointed parishioners who serve as advisors for stewardship receipts, disbursements, and facilities. In addition, they address budgets, quarterly and annual financial statements. They lead the campaign for the Annual Diocesan Development Fund. They recommend approval of reports to our parishioners and keep our parish operating on a solid financial foundation.  For more information contact: The Office 760-244-9180


Food Pantry

Through this program, we are able to help those in need of our parish and community.  With all the donations collected, we are able to supply non-perishable food for the less fortunate that are in great need.  We are currently in need of volunteers to run the program and any donation will be greatly appreciated.  The Food Pantry is held on the second and third Wednesday of each month from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.  For more information contact Angie Garcia (760)577-0584


Grief Recovery

Grief Recovery provides compassionate companionship during times of anticipatory grief whether through death, divorce, loss of a job or any type of loss in a person’s life. Peer support groups are offered for those who have experienced a significant loss in their lives.  For more information contact: Kathy Welty (760) 244-2686


Grupo de Oración

El Grupo de Oración esta bajo el Centro de Renovación Carismática de la Diócesis de San Bernardino.  Este Grupo de Oración crece por todas partes contagiando con su fraternidad y alegría, impactando con los testimonios de vida, testificando que Dios está en medio de nosotros, que nos bautiza con su Espíritu y que en él glorificamos al padre de los Cielos. Las reuniones son cada martes en la Iglesia. Para más información comuníquese con: Santiago Sanchez 760-605-9296



La Asociación Guadalupana tiene como misión, objetivo y propósito promover en sus miembros, un conocimiento mas profundo de su fe y de la doctrina de la iglesia, así como también una mayor comprensión de la liturgia y de la ferviente devoción a Nuestra Señora la Virgen María de Guadalupe. Las reuniones de esta Asociación son cada día 12 del mes, donde se reza el Santo Rosario, reflexión bíblica, testimonios, compañerismo y preparación para los eventos parroquiales.  Para más información comuníquese con Oficina 760-244-9180


Journey Youth Ministry

The ministry of Journey is for high schoolers in grades 9-12. It is designed to meet the catechetical, educational, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of young adolescents. The Office of Youth Ministry serves our young people in the areas of Christian formation, community service, and various social gatherings.  Our young people learn to become a true disciple of the church through their active and responsible participation in the life, work, and mission of the parish. Meet Sundays in the hall or porro from 6 pm-8 pm. For more information contact: 


Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a lay Catholic family fraternal service organization founded in 1882 with ideals of charity, unity, and patriotism. Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to all practical Catholic men in communion with the Holy See, age eighteen and above. The term practical Catholic implies that a person accepts and abides by the Commandments of God and the precepts and tenets of the Catholic Church. 


Ladies Society

Holy Family Ladies Society started in 1963 as the Altar Society when Bishop Buddy dedicated Holy Family Parish as an organization whose primary purpose is caring for the house of God.  The Ladies Society supports numerous fundraising events of the parish community.  The ladies’ talents are used to assist the pastor as well as numerous ministries of the parish. Monies raised by the Ladies Society are used to support worthy causes.  For more information contact: Carol Spronz (760) 244-2813


Lectors Ministry-English

As a lector, your ministry helps to facilitate the public prayer of the Church in the Liturgy of the Word.  This is a tremendous responsibility, but one which you do not need to take on by yourself.  There are other lectors who proclaim the Word in your parish; the ordained ministers and lay ecclesial ministers in your parish community are present to help form you so that you might better be able to carry out your ministry of proclamation and prayer.  You also belong to a church community that has called you forth and recognized that you have either the gift of public speaking or are a person of prayer – or perhaps both.  Through your continued participation in the Church’s liturgy, your involvement in workshops for lectors, your own preparation, and above all the willingness to grow in your relationship with God, you will hone your skills and gifts as a lector.  If you are interested, training is required.  For more information contact: Ruben Moralez 760-240-9223


Lectors Ministry- Spanish (PROCLAMADORES DE LA PALABRA)

El proclamador de la palabra en la liturgia es como el profeta que lleva la Palabra de Dios al pueblo que se reúne para escucharla.  El profeta y el proclamador se distinguen porque el profeta suscitaba reverencia pero a veces era rechazado, pero el proclamador es un ministro de la palabra que tiene el respeto de su comunidad.  Aunque el homilista es quien interpreta para la asamblea el significado de las lecturas, el proclamador con su estilo, su comprensión del texto y su tono ofrece ya la primera interpretación de la Palabra de Dios a la asamblea que celebra.  El estilo de lectura por parte el proclamador, para que sea fiel al espíritu del texto y al significado que le da la Iglesia requiere muy cuidadosa preparación, la disposición apropiada y un gran esmero en transmitir el mensaje de las lecturas, no el propio.  Los ensayos del ministerio son el último lunes de cada mes a las 6:00 p.m. en la Iglesia.  Para mayor información comuníquese con: Jesus Trejo 626-448-5739


Liturgia de la palabra de Dios para niños

El grupo se inicio para ayudar los niños a aprender acerca de las lecturas que se están produciendo durante el tiempo de la misa, en el que el grupo encuentra la manera más fácil de explicar lo que se dice a su nivel. El grupo se compone de todas las edades desde niños hasta adolescentes, para adultos, ofrece una perspectiva mas en como podemos servir a los niños. A través del uso de obras de teatro, discursos o salidas de papel a mano, hemos logrado un determinado objetivo deseado, para llegar a los niños a interactuar con su fe. Para mayor información comuníquese con: Maria Villatorro 760-662-8311


Marriage Preparation Ministry 

Marriage Prep 101

We have a wonderful marriage preparation ministry here consisting of married couples. This is a five-month preparation. The class meets once a month for five months at Holy Family Church. There is a fee for books and materials. These sessions are designed to help couples explore real life issues within a real-life context. Your preparation couple not only facilitates these five sessions but also accompanies you on the way to your marriage. They will help you in planning the wedding ceremony. For more information contact the Ministry Office 760-244-9180

Every couple is encouraged to do as much as they can to prepare themselves for marriage. Other processes available include professional marriage readiness evaluations; Engaged Encounter Weekend (951)-323-6840 or www.sbcee.com) and classes in Natural Family Planning (909-475-5351)

For more information regarding Marriage Prep please click here. Wedding


Ministerio de Preparación Matrimonial

El equipo de la Preparación Matrimonial cree en crear un ambiente de discusión abierta para nuestras parejas comprometidas y que estén intentando recibir el sacramento de matrimonio.  Los coordinadores presentan los materiales de manera que se ven diferentemente y diverso. Se dirigen a las parejas comprometidas en tener una actitud establecida en una cultura de discurso libre sin prejuicios.  Los coordinadores ejercitan sus habilidades y conocimiento de experiencias.  También practicamos las cualidades hacia una unión de mucho éxito.  Se habla sobre el método “Billings” y habla sobre la formación, la vocación, y la mayordomía.  Esta preparación es llevada acabo por Alfonso y María Ana Cuevas conjunto con el Movimiento Familiar Cristiano.  Para más información comuníquese con la oficina 760-244-9180.


Movimiento Familiar Cristiano

Dentro de la Iglesia Católica somos una agrupación que quiere llevar a todos el mensaje de la familia cristiana: integrada, útil y feliz.  Nuestra agrupación reúne a matrimonios que les interesa el buen funcionamiento de su relación conyugal, la superación integral de sus hijos y la mejoría de la sociedad donde viven y se desarrollan. El M.F.C. se propone “promover los valores humanos y cristianos de la familia en la comunidad, para que la familia sea formadora de personas, educadora en la fe y comprometida activamente en el desarrollo integral a través de sus miembros.”  Las reuniones de este movimiento son cada jueves a las 7:30 p.m. en el salón # 2.  Para más información comuníquese con Juan y Gloria Macias 909-374-8460


Music Ministry (Ministerio de Música)

The Music Ministry offers a wide range of opportunities for musicians and singers of various ages and interests to get involved in the liturgical services of the parish. Our ministry plays and sings at all liturgical services and leads the congregation in singing. The coordinators of each music group plan the liturgical music and practice them with its members.  Each ensemble is dedicated to making the most of the talents God has given them. We are united in the love of God, music, and one another. 


            4 p.m.  Mass                           Amy Azul                                909-648-4544          

           8 a.m.  Mass                          

            12 p.m. Youth Mass               


El ministerio de la música ofrece una amplia serie de oportunidades para los músicos y los cantantes de varias edades y que tienen el interés de involucrarse en los servicios litúrgicos de la parroquia. El ministerio toca y canta en todos los servicios litúrgicos y conduce a la congregación en cantar. Los coordinadores de cada grupo de música planean la música litúrgica y las practican con sus miembros.  Cada conjunto se dedica a hacer la mayor parte de los talentos que Dios les ha dado. Somos reunidos en el amor de Dios, la música, y uno al otro.


Coro Reencuentro  Maria Mata                            760-684-9490

Coro de Niños Santa Cecilia Lucia González      760-244-5423


Pastoral Council

This parish leadership group is composed of appointed parishioners and staff members who act as an advisory council to the Pastor.  They coordinate parish activities and projects.  They work hand-in-hand with the various ministry heads in leading the community to work together.   Members are appointed to an open-ended term.  For more information contact: The Office


Prison Ministry

For I was ill and you comforted me, in prison and you came to visit me…I assure you, as often you did it for one of my least brothers, you did it for me.”Mt 25:39-40.

The Lord gave these instructions to the world, and the members of the Prison Ministry try to fulfill the commands by visiting the state correctional facility and bring the Body of Christ to those prisoners wishing to receive the precious Host.  Through the readings and song, the prison community has an opportunity to get a little closer to Christ.

Contact:          English              "Looking for a Volunteer"

                        Spanish             Sr. Rosario Coronado (760) 244-9180       


Prison Ministry –Spanish (Ministerio de la Prisión)

“Cuándo te vimos enfermo o en la cárcel y fuimos a verte….te aseguro que cuando lo hicieron con alguno de los más pequeños de estos mis hermanos, me lo hicieron a mí.”  Mt 25:39-40

El Señor dio estas instrucciones al mundo, y los miembros del ministerio de la prisión intentan cumplir los mandatos visitando la facilidad correccional del estado y llevar el Cuerpo de Cristo a esos presos que desean recibir la Santa Comunión.  Por las lecturas y cantos, la comunidad de la prisión tiene una oportunidad de acerca un poco a Cristo.

Contacté:        Inglés                      "Looking for a Volunteer"

                        Español            Hermana Rosario Coronado (760) 244-9180


Pro-Life Ministry

Our mission is to promote the sanctity of life and to eliminate abortion.  We educate parishioners as well as the community outside of the parish about the importance and preciousness of life.  “I am your creator.  You were in my care even before you were born.”   Isaiah 44:2  For more information contact: The Office 760-244-9180


Quinceanera Ministry

Motivamos nuestra juventud para estar enterados de la presencia de Cristo en sus vidas con celebraciones culturales.  En la formación que consiste de dos clases y dos retiros, se ofrecen por el personal acreditado.  Este curso cumple con los requisitos según los procedimientos requeridos por la Diócesis de San Bernardino.  La costumbre hispana de      celebrar los 15 años de las jovencitas le da una grande oportunidad a la Quinceañera de renovar sus promesas bautismales y de dar gracias a Dios por el regalo de vida.  Es una ocasión para celebrar y vivir nuestra fe Católica con la familia, los padrinos, seres queridos, la juventud, y la comunidad para desarrollar nuestra vida espiritual por medio de la reflexión en nuestro compromiso Cristiano a través del Bautismo y para tomar la responsabilidad y el privilegio de construir la iglesia, y el cuerpo de Cristo.

Nuestra mayordomía es ayudar a juntar fondos para las becas para que las jovencitas puedan continuar su educación.  Para más detalles comuníquese con Mayra González 760-244-9180


RCIA Program

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process by which people become members of the Roman Catholic Church.  Our faith community reaches out to those who are experiencing a period of formation.  This formation involves growing in the life of the community through prayer, study, and service and culminates in full communion with the Church. 

For more information contact: Claudia Hnasko (442) 251-9374 


The sacristans take care of the altar and prepare it for the next liturgies. They make sure that there is enough host and wine for the next liturgies.  They also make sure that supplies such as candles, incense, lighters, and altar cloths are available.  They advise the front office if any supplies are in need of replacement. Sacristan volunteers are needed for every Mass.  For more information contact:  Looking for a volunteer


Safe Environment

The Diocesan Office of Child ad Youth Protection of the Diocese of San Bernadine established the Safe Environment Policy for the Protection of Children a diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct in July 2002. These policies assure the Diocese is in compliance with the Charter for the protection of children and Young People promulgated by the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.

Holy Family supports our diocese in the implementation of these policies. Our parish has developed our Safe Environment Plan in order to:

Provide a safe and secure environment for the children and youth in the faith community within our parish

Assist the Diocese in evaluating a staff or ministry volunteer's suitability to work with children, youth, or vulnerable adults.

Provide a system to respond to the victims and their families, as well as the accused.

Protect our Diocese, parish, clergy, employees, and volunteers as well as our children and young people.

Contact: the Office 760-244-9180  


Sick & Elderly –Spanish (Comunión a los Enfermos)

Este equipo son Ministros de la Eucaristía que llevan la santo comunión a enfermos y a las personas que cuidan a los enfermos en sus hogares y a los centros de acilo de ancianos.  Para más información comuníquese con: Enrique Valenzuela 760-247-0343


Social Concerns Ministry

This ministry responds to the call for justice and compassion for our dear neighbor. There are many issues in our church community and the communities in which we live and educate our youth that could be addressed by a caring community. Jesus' desire for us is to go forward with a ministry of service to our vulnerable brothers and sisters, please prayerfully consider joining the Social Concerns Team that is now forming at Holy Family Catholic Church. For more information contact: The Office


Soldado Para Cristo

Our mission is to answer the call from Christ's final command in Matthew 28:19, Through our specific ministry to teens. We invest in the lives of the youth around us going out to them, inviting them into a relationship, and teaching them what it means to follow Christ. Through a variety of life nights and activities, SPC is dedicated to providing opportunities for young adults to rise up and answer the missionary call in a concrete, formational, life-changing way that leads teens, families, and communities closer to Christ. With the teens conscious of their social and present reality, they may live a life according to the principles and fundamentals of their catholic faith. In addition, to ultimately become reflections of Christ in their own lives to those surrounding them. 

They meet Fridays from 6 pm-8 pm. Contact: Veronica Ordonez 760-553-5703


Ushers Ministry

The Usher Ministry is responsible for the greeting and seating of the congregation during liturgies, the communion procession, and the distribution of the church bulletins after masses.  They maintain decorum and the handling of any emergency that might arise at any liturgical functions. Volunteers are always needed at every Mass.

El ministerio de Ujieres es responsable del saludo y de sentar a la congregación durante las liturgias, la procesión de la comunión y la distribución de los boletines de la iglesia después de misas.  Mantienen la dirección de cualquier emergencia que pudiera presentarse en cualquier función litúrgica. Los voluntarios son siempre necesarios en cada misa. 

 Contact: The Office 760-244-9180         


Young Adult Ministry

The Office of Young adult Ministry serves our young adults in the areas of Christian formation, community service, and various social gatherings. It is from the ages 18-39. Follow us on Instagram @ highdesertyoungadults