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2022 Masses

General Policy Directives

Effective April 1st, 2022 

  • Do not exceed maximum building occupancy in any hall, classroom, or meeting room for any fund-raiser, award dinner, celebration, etc.
  • Continue to space tables a MINIMUM of three feet apart; chairs also should be three feet apart.
  • Use bottled water, as much as possible.
  • Limit self-serve ‘pot-lucks’ or self-serve ‘buffets’ to a maximum of 15 attendees; if more than 15 attendees have servers prepare the plates and hand them to attendees.
  • Servers should wear masks and gloves.
  • Select caterers that are following State guidelines for restaurants/caterers, and ensure that masks and gloves are worn by their employees, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Food preparers (parish/school/parent volunteers etc.) must follow the same ‘kitchen’ guidelines within the parish kitchens as required under Food Preparation Permit; specifically, gloves, masks, regular kitchen sanitizing, etc.
  • Follow Riverside/San Bernardino County guidelines for ‘Food Handlers’ Permit’. (Also requirement of Catholic Mutual.) Parishes/schools that prepare food within the parish hall kitchen and serve it to the general public on a regular basis should have at least one person with a Food Handler’s Permit license. Please check your respective County website for requirements for such a permit in each county, as the two counties differ in requirements.
  • Food pantry operations should continue to follow COVID guidelines – masks, gloves, and frequent sanitizing – through this calendar year when County vaccination rates reach the State benchmark of 75% plus.
  • Provide KN95 masks and sanitizing wipes/sanitizers available, if requested by attendees.

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Mass Times

Saturday Vigil Mass: 4:00pm English & 6:00pm Spanish 

Sunday Masses: English 8:00am & 12:00pm Spanish 10:00am & 2:00pm Korean 3:30pm Youth 5:00pm

 Confessions: Thursdays 6pm- 7pm



Our Mission- We the people of Holy Family Catholic Community, called to be united to live and teach the good news of Jesus Christ, commit our stewardship of God’s abundant gifts in service to our brothers and sisters so as to fill their lives with faith, hope, and love.

Nuestra Misión: Nosotros, el pueblo de la Comunidad Católica de Holy Family, llamados a vivir y a enseñar la Buena Nueva de Jesucristo, comprometemos nuestra mayordomía de los abundantes dones de Dios en el servicio a nuestros hermanos y hermanas para llenar sus vidas con fe, esperanza y amor. 


Online Giving

Please also be aware that it is still possible to support your parish by donating online. Please click on the OSV icon for instructions.

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Live Stream masses will continue- Please don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Las misas de transmissions en vivo continuaran. No olvide subscribirse a nuestro canal de Youtube. 

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