Baptismal Preparation - English

Preparing for the Celebration of Baptism of Infants in the Journey of faith

Baptismal Questionnaire

Baptismal Requirements


Holy Family offers baptisms in English for children up to seven years of age on the third Saturday of the month.  Normally baptisms take place at 11 in the morning.

English baptism preparation classes are offered on the first Saturday of the month at nine in the morning.  Before coming to the class, contact the Religious Education office to sign up.  Parents and Godparents must attend preparation classes.

Parents and godparents can attend baptism classes at another parish if necessary.  Bring a signed and dated letter of completion to the Religious Education office as proof of your attendance.

In order to baptize a child at Holy Family you’ll need to take care of some paperwork.

You’ll need:

  • To fill out the application for baptism form.  You can get that from the Religious Education office or from this website.
  • A copy of your child’s civil birth certificate.
  • At least one Godparent.  If you want two Godparents then one must be male and one female.  Godparents must be Catholics who have been confirmed, who have received first communion and who are living lives consistent with the role of being a Godparent.  In other words, they have to be people who will be good examples of Catholic lives.  Godparents will be asked to provide copies of their baptism and confirmation certificates.

 If you are planning to be a parent or godparent for a baptism to be celebrated at another parish, you may attend the class at Holy Family.  We will supply you with a letter of completion.